Here’s what you need to know about inland rail

Email Inland rail: Here's what you need to know about the $10 billion project By rural and regional correspondent Dominique Schwartz and the National Reporting Team’s Alexandra Blucher The Federal Government has committed to building a $10 billion inland rail line that will transport freight between Melbourne and Brisbane. Advocates say it’s vital to ease […]

What the bitcoin bubble tells us about ourselves

Email Bitcoin: What the bubble tells us about ourselves By business editor Ian Verrender Richard Thaler does a good line in one-liners. Shortly after picking up the Nobel Prize for economics in Stockholm a few weeks back — for questioning whether we really behave rationally when it comes to self interest — the behavioural economics […]

Think you are ‘middle class’? Take the test

Email Being 'middle class' depends on where you live — find out where you stand The Conversation By Liz Allen, ANU Politicians are fond of pitching to the “average Australian” but judging by the income of Australians, whether you are middle class depends on where you live. And where we live tells a rich story […]