What’s missing from Christmas this year

Sadly, the chances of that happening are a lot lower this year because Australia’s most talented buskers have either stopped busking or moved overseas. And for those who have stuck around, this could be their last Christmas performing on the streets. Why? Because buskers earn a fraction of what they did in the past. “Melbourne […]

Macca’s employee headbutts customer

The altercation was caught on video early Tuesday morning at the Liverpool One location of the fast-food restaurant, the Liverpool Echo reports. The customer allegedly became upset after being told he couldn’t order nuggets because the menu had already changed over to breakfast, according to the Echo. The incident occurred at around 4:50am. * Warning […]

Drunk people have no idea they’re wasted

An intrepid team of researchers at Deakin, La Trobe and Curtin universities hit up bars and pubs across the country to compare how drunk people thought they were and how drunk they actually were. Armed with a breath tester they asked: “On a scale of zero to 10, how drunk are you?” Peter Miller, a […]

Never drink Champagne from plastic cups

We’ve all had moments when we’re short on flutes (or we just don’t have any available) and end up sipping our fizz out of a plastic vessel but this, it seems, is a big no-no, according to The Sun. Glass flutes are always the best choice when it comes to prosecco or champagne.Source:Supplied According to […]