Woman’s chin ripped off in dog attack

AN Adelaide woman has needed more than 200 stitches to put her face back together after a vicious dog attack on Boxing Day. Ashley Bunn, 45, was walking home from her sister’s house in the city’s western suburbs of Adelaide when she was attacked in the street by her neighbour’s great dane/staffordshire bull terrier cross. […]

Tables turn on Corey Feldman

Los Angeles Police Department said a woman lodged a complaint against the 46-year-old actor this week in relation to an incident that allegedly took place in February last year. Feldman today denied the allegation in a strongly worded tweet, saying “the last thing I would ever want is 2 make some1 feel taken advantage of […]

Chilling story behind CCTV image

Ashley Foster, 24, had only been released from jail three days before allegedly murdering 17-year-old Megan Bills during a sex game, The Sun reports. Foster has pleaded not guilty to murder. Haunting CCTV reveals to jurors the teenager’s movements just hours before she died, and was then wrapped in cling film and shoved in a […]

New tech helps solve 1994 rape case

Then she was harmed again — this time by the cops who questioned her credibility and a Daily News columnist who called the attack a “hoax”. But now, after more than 23 years, she’s finally getting justice, the New York Post reports. After running new DNA tests, police have identified the man who attacked the […]

Dolly’s parents’ emotional plea

Tick Everett, with wife Kate and daughter Megan at his side, said the conversation needed to happen before any more young lives were lost. Dolly died last week after relentless online bullying led her to take her own life just weeks before returning to school. “We’ve got to start talking about it,” Mr Everett said. […]

Scary reason Queen ‘can’t look down’

In a rare conversation with Alastair Bruce, an expert on the Crown Jewels, Queen Elizabeth II reveals she is afraid of looking down while she’s wearing one of the crowns because it could break her neck. “You have to keep your head very still,” Bruce reportedly says as the pair examine the Imperial State Crown […]

Porn star struggle: ‘It’s killing us’

The porn star industry is in mourning again this week after another woman died — the fourth in less than three months. On the morning of January 7, Olivia Nova, whose real name was Lexi Forte, died after less than a year in the porn industry. The circumstances surrounding the 20-year-old’s death are still unknown […]

Disturbing ‘paedophile island’

But the 10km square rock, close to the bustling city of Tacoma, is vastly different to the other islands wealthy Americans vacation on. It serves as the home for 236 “sexually violent predators”, people the Pacific Northwest state are too afraid will reoffend if they’re released back out into the world. After sex offenders finish […]

Truth about the ‘war on smokers’

The lights dazzled on the dance floor, Rihanna raged over the sound system and I, gin and tonic in hand, hurriedly puffed away on what was to be my last cigarette in a club. That was Oxford St in 2010 — the night before smoking was banned in all indoor pubs and clubs in NSW. […]

Twitter trolls target McCann parents

A sick troll sparked fury by superimposing a photo of Maddie’s head onto a long sleeved top of fashion store H&M, putting a slogan on the T-shirt saying “hide and seek champion.” University student points out eerie similarities between herself and Maddie McCann Police looking for links to ‘woman in purple’ who could help with […]