Bizarre disappearance of sports reporter

Courtney Roland, a Texas A&M reporter, was reportedly last seen leaving a football camp in an Uber around 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

According to local police, the 29-year-old communicated with a friend on Facebook in the early hours of Sunday morning, saying he was worried because a blue truck had “followed her” after leaving Walgreens.

Courtney went missing for two days.

Courtney went missing for two days.Source:Supplied

The 29-year-old was then seen later that day walking around a store at the shopping centre.

On Monday morning, police revealed Ms Roland had been found near the Houston Galleria mall, under an overpass, where she was in a confused state due to a reaction to a medication she was taking, Fox 26 Houston reported.

“We don’t have too many details right now; we’re just happy she’s OK,” her father Steve Roland told the Houston Chronicle.

Police said “after seeing Ms Roland’s case in the news this morning, a passer-by called us about 8:15am, stating Ms Roland was under an overpass at the 610 West Loop at Richmond.

“Our officers arrived, confirmed it was her and arranged she be checked at an area hospital,” police added.

A white Jeep belonging to Roland was discovered by police Monday in a parking lot across the street from the mall, with her phone and other items still inside.

Her purse, which contained an iPad, computer and credit cards inside, also was found inside the mall, according to family members who spoke to KHOU.

Courtney reportedly had a reaction to her medication.

Courtney reportedly had a reaction to her medication.Source:Supplied

The roommate who received the message about Ms Roland being followed, said that they were supposed to meet up on Sunday, but she never heard back.

Later Sunday, Roland’s mother received a text from her phone saying, “hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad,” according to Click 2 Houston.

Roland’s roommate also told Click 2 Houston that Roland had been on high alert for weeks after someone broke into her car.

Several of Roland’s colleagues had taken to Twitter to ask for help finding her. She had been covering a Houston football camp Saturday and had left in an Uber, Click 2 Houston reported.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and has been republished with permission