Dwayne Johnson Reveals Why He Won’t Run for President

“So here’s the problem, right, it’s been very flattering right? That there’s been this really interesting uptick in public opinion, wanting that to happen,” Johnson said. “But the problem is this guy to my right will completely sabotage the campaign.” Hart’s response? “100 percent,” he told Johnson. “I would take you down. I don’t want […]

Anger and mourning as Palestinian protests continue

Israeli forces detain a Palestinian protester in East Jerusalem [Ammar Awad/Reuters] Protests have continued for a fourth day across the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip following a US decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The demonstrations on Saturday came as Palestinian leaders were to meet in Ramallah to […]

Israel’s 54-year-old nuclear reactor a safety risk

The Dimona reactor, which began its life in 1963, is one of Israel’s most closely guarded secret installations. A study made public last year found more than 1500 fissures within the reactor core. Israel is estimated to have more than 100 nuclear warheads, the plutonium for which comes from its Dimona reactor. On Sunday, the […]